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Gharany Mining specializes in the extraction of a diverse range of minerals and resources found in Afghanistan, including precious metals, rare earth elements, gemstones, and industrial minerals. Our operations utilize cutting-edge machinery, advanced technologies, and highly skilled professionals to ensure efficient resource extraction while minimizing environmental impact. We employ various mining techniques, such as underground mining, open-pit mining, and artisanal mining, tailored to the specific requirements of each project.


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Afghanistan, renowned for its rich historical legacy, boasts a distinctive landscape hosting treasures like the renowned Emerald Panjshir, Sapphire Badakhshan, and numerous other globally acclaimed mines. Notably, Afghan precious stones, including Helmand Marble, recognized as Marble, Herat Chasht, White Marble, Kabul Black Marble, Kandahar Fry Marble, and Nangarhar White Marble, exemplify the country's esteemed semi-precious resources. With a global reputation for quality, Afghanistan has unveiled 35 marble types in 45 different hues across 60 mines, totaling an impressive 9 billion tones valued at 150 USD.

Gharany Mining takes pride in its role as a responsible entity overseeing the mining, production, and processing of Khogyanian marbles in the southeast of Jalalabad, contributing to the augmentation of Afghanistan's material and spiritual wealth. With a substantial investment of 1 million USD in state-of-the-art extraction equipment, Gharany Mining possesses the capacity to professionally cut and process over 500,000 tons of marble. Committed to excellence, the company actively engages in mining initiatives, collaborating with both domestic and foreign experts to illuminate mines and stands ready to cater to the marble needs of customers worldwide.